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Sam grew up in the suburbs of Boston. He obtained an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and now he installs commercial ductwork throughout the Philadelphia area.  While exposing himself to the elements on construction sites during the day, he dreams of his true loves, his children, Sarah and Josh, Lauren, his cats, a coop full of chickens, and his thousands upon thousands of bees.  

Sam met Lauren over two years ago.  Their share their many loves, especially beekeeping. Together they continue to comprehend the mystery of tomatoes grown in plastic buckets.


​Lauren is a native of Philadelphia.  She was born and raised in Overbrook, Philadelphia.  (Her mother still lives there and grows tomato plants in buckets from Home Depot on her cement patio.  Lauren supplements hers with compost and love, yet her mother's grow healthier and more robust in plastic. The universe is cruel.)  

As a teacher / tutor for cyber schools, Lauren drives from student to student throughout the Philadelphia area educating young minds and praying that traffic will part magically before her. On any given weekday you may see her weaving wildly through the Blue Route while listening to classical music. She has yet to get a traffic ticket.  

For Lauren, weekends are for gardening.  No weed is safe. No plant is beyond saving.  No blade of grass is safe from the compost bin.  Here is where Lauren is at home.  

Lauren has five children.  Fat Ass is her first love.  He's a pumpkin colored furball who's scared of his own shadow.  He was rescued from a North Philly house filled with dogs. Gremlyn is a calico who sits on the bathroom sink while the toilet is occupied.  Gypsy is a tiger colored lap cat who grows bigger by the day. Rat Boy is an idiot.  He's a lost cause.  Of course, Lauren's a teacher and a beekeeper, professions that embrace lost causes.  Finally, there's Sam, her husband.  He's just nuts.

Meet the Beekeepers!

For swarm removal, please call (do not email). Please leave message if no answer:

Philadelphia Regional Beekeepers


Sam  - 267-815-6603

Lauren  - 610-937-2783