Philadelphia Regional Beekeepers



We are looking for homeowners who would like to sponsor a hive.  This service is free from Beeleavers. All you need is yard or a rooftop and a desire to help.  We perform all necessary hive upkeep.  However, if you want to participate, we would be happy to make your efforts part of the experience.  Think of it as a first step into the fascinating world of bees.  

We can't guarantee that you will get a hive immediately as we do not know how many hives we will have available at any one time.  However, we anticipate times when we will need volunteers to take in a hive due to limited space in our apiary.  

Contact us if you want to be on our sponsorship list.

Apis melifera, the honeybee, is under threat. Although it is not officially endangered, this workhorse of our agricultural system has been decimated by varroa mites, insecticides, monoculture, viral and fungal pathogens, and, sadly, piss poor beekeeping techniques.  However, we believe the honeybee can survive through the creation of local survivor stock, bees adapted to the microenvironments in which they live. You can help by providing the space needed for them to adapt.  More importantly, you become part of the solution as you participate in the process of beekeeping.